Student Ally Education Program (Peacekeepers)

Without proper direction, creative energy could be released through negative expressions of crime, substance abuse, and violence.  Teens in the Student Ally Education Program discover appropriate contexts in which to showcase their talents; thus, ultimately recovering a sense of purpose and pride in themselves, their family, and their community.  TCPP staff (Student Allies) personally walk with youth in safe, caring, small group settings. Student Allies implement a curriculum designed to foster accountability and responsibility.  They encourage these youth to learn how to make healthy decisions, set & reach goals, and to have the proper communication skills needed to be successful in life.

Chaplaincy Program (Peacemakers)


This program offers compassion, funding, and services to violence/gang impacted families/individuals and assistance to residents in times of crisis and trauma.   Chaplains are available for death notifications, support, spiritual care, hospital and/or home visits, and to follow up when necessary.  They help people who have been impacted by or have experienced traumas such as homicides, stabbings, and shootings.  TCPP Chaplains also refer families/victims to outside agencies.

 TCPP engages students by taking them on tech tours to companies, such as Apple, Yahoo, VMware and Google.